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Stellar Empire: Skirmish - PRE ORDER

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Stellar Empire: Skirmish is a 2-player strategic card game that is light enough for casual gamers to pickup and play. The head-to-head design requires bluffing, strategy, and some clever table-talk. We designed Stellar Empire: Skirmish to be portable, easily played at the coffeeshop or on-the-go.

Stellar Empire: Skirmish also serves as an introduction to a larger universe. This original science fiction property is a labor of love for our team and we have a number of larger games planned for the universe in addition to other media.

Wami Empire Warship Cards
Planet Cards
Neupert Prefecture Warship Cards

Stellar Empire: Skirmish is a card game similar to the classic game, 'War'. There are several key distinctions, however. In Stellar Empire: Skirmish players select the card they would like to play from their hand, it is not a random draw. Additionally, used cards are not returned to a players deck and planet values are the final victory points earned.

The strength of the vessel determines which ship is victorious and that faction claims the planet. If players tie, place both ships in the discard pile as normal, however the planet stays on the table and another planet is added. The next ship selected by each player will be fighting for both planets. If there is another tie, discard the ships as normal and add another planet until there is a winner or now more ships.

The game will last exactly 12 rounds, one for each ship in your hand. All 12 planets may, or may not, be claimed depending on final ties.

Determine the winner by adding up the victory points on each planet card claimed. The player with the most points is the winner.

The Kickstarter version of Stellar Empire: Skirmish comes with a special promotional card, Port Oread. Port Oread is named after the space station in the Tiber system in the video game Escape Velocity, developed by the now defunct Ambrosia Software. Escape Velocity was influential in Andrew's love of science fiction and it seems only fitting to name a promotional card after the station.